Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been made to take all references to that company who makes sportswear with three stripes off of my page. I was told that if I didn't do that, then i would be taken to court, which would be fun. Personally, I thought I was doing them a favour. Was I making fun of them? No. I was making fun of people who wear fake items of their clothing. Ah well. Damn them and their foolish eyes.

THE LEAGUE AGAINST FAKE (company that makes stuff with 3 stripes) STRIPES

We shouldn't have to point out to anyone with half a brain how dangerous items with fake 'that company' stripes are.  You might as well walk around with a sign saying "I bought the latest Billie album" stuck to your head.  We think we'd rather walk around with the aforementioned sign stuck to our faces with superglue than don clothing with (gulp) a number of stripes other than three.  Do you think we can't count?  (admittedly, a number of townies will fall into this category).  Perhaps when you purchased the offending object you thought "Hey!  Perhaps people will think Mr 'that company' got carried away and sewed an extra stripe, or forgot to sew a third stripe, onto my bright green tracksuit bottoms".  Think again.  Mr 'that company' does not make mistakes when he personally sews all the stripes onto his excellent range of sportswear.  He has a special abacus he uses to prevent this from occuring.

Act now before you find yourself at a Backstreet Boy's concert and drinking alcopops in the town centre on a Tuesday night.

You're one step away from an orange dress.  Yes.  Even if you are male.

We thankyou.

So you think you need some rehab?  Well my friend, come right this way.....